In the summer I was supposed to play at Čachtice Castle and for that occasion I decided to make a song from poem by Ján Botto about the Lady of Čachtice. The concert was canceled due to the coronavirus crisis and the song remained in the drawer, but not for long. Its premiere took place in the autumn in the form of a video clip sponsored by Jádu magazine,

magazine, for which I did a video interview. Guitar and bass were recorded by Peter Luha. The vocals were inspired by the Andalusian folk song Con el vito. This song, edited by composer Manuel Massoti Littel, formed the repertoire of the Vox Aurumque choir. It was founded and is conducted by Hana von Schlosser and I performed in its beginnings. The notes fell down from a bookcase where I cleaned the dust and reminded me of this Spanish "folk song". Thank you for the dust on the books.