Many new songs that I created during quarantine were not planned. I had a feeling that if I don’t create, I would burst because I had mixed feelings. There were a lot of them and that’s s why they fell out of me very quickly, spontaneously.

This collection of songs is different from my previous work. At their core is distress of romantic poets. Musical loops of guitar are supported by multi-voiced vocals. I enjoyed combining archaic texts with elements of folk literature carrying a story, and modern sound. Singing stories is the best way for me to express myself. The corona crisis heightened my sense of mortality, I realized that the only thing left after me were my songs. Like many musicians, I canceled my plans with my band for the pandemic. It was no longer a thousand activities a day that had to be done, and for which I had only a narrow space left for myself. In the middle of the crisis time suddenly stopped. At one point, I saw myself and knew what made me happy. Far from the current problems of the world, I knew how and where to look for happiness – in my own story among the stories of others, inside and outside, with a feeling of mortality and happiness.